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Many times when we think of finding our purpose and doing what we love we get flashes of lovely wonderful images. And while finding and doing what it is you love and was created for is fun and exciting it also oftentimes comes with barriers, setbacks, and disappointments. Here is my story.

My Story

Before I found my purpose, I first found myself evicted…

The Eviction

After being evicted from my two-bedroom government apartment with two kids it wasn’t long before I realized I would have to move back home with my mom. This was indeed one of the lowest points in my life. In this season of life, nothing seemed to be going right, and everything thing that could have gone wrong did! I merely felt like a failure looking at my two children who looked for me to provide for them. And I was tired of bouncing around from job to job and doing work that didn’t bring me fulfillment. 

I wished I had found my purpose a long time ago but growing up, there was no such talk about any pertaining to purpose or destiny. You worked a job to do what you had to do, and that was it. No one cared if you liked what you were doing. I developed the same thinking until the desire to know what I was meant to do. The question of “What is my purpose?” seemed to plague me day and night for years. Being evicted was one of my biggest downfalls yet is root cause of the shift I experienced in my mindset. 

Depressed and Unhealthy

Ultimately to make a change in any area of life, it first starts in our minds. To get in a place to find my purpose it took for me to have to go back home which reshaped my thinking and lead to a great impact in my life in a positive way. After some time of moving back in with my mom, I began to notice experience many changes. As I moped around my mom’s house, I began back eating extremely unhealthy as I continued to think about all that had gone wrong in my life. As I began to think over my life from my childhood I began to go it on a state of depression and thinking about all my childhood dreams brought me to tears.

Purpose queen, have you too wondered far away from your dreams?…

Disappointed and Broken

Thinking back from my childhood dreams I realized I was far from those old dreams I had back then. I was disappointed and broken. I had many questions about my life, identity, purpose and began to go on a quest to find the answers. It was extremely hard to rest with these questions constantly replaying in my thoughts. I truly wanted to know what it was that I was created for which created a burning flame of passion that I couldn’t seem to put out.

This very question hunted me every single day lingered on from the time I opened my eyes in the morning until the time I closed them at night. I can still remember staying up those nights searching for what felt like critical clues and pieces to the puzzle to understand to find my purpose.

In this season on one could understand my drive and what I was experiencing or the burden I felt of not knowing my purpose or the meaning for my life. Purpose queen, sometimes people won’t understand your journey and that’s ok, try to understand their position and continue your quest.

Driven by Pain

I now understand that it was my pain of not knowing who I was or the reason for my existence that drove me to search for my purpose. It was that constant sadness that I felt in my heart for myself and others who also worked jobs they didn’t like. Looking at how hard my co-workers labored, some with two jobs and children, began to break my heart. 

I spent most of my life doing work that didn’t bring me joy and worked with and seen genuinely good people experiencing the same feelings as me who also had great dreams. When I learned of the personal life stories behind their drives and excellent work ethics, it was pure disheartening. 

Fed up in life I was desperate and determined to discover my purpose no matter what it took. Every day I worked on making changes to improve my life. My biggest obstacle was taking the risks and getting out of my comfort zone but once I did is where I noticed a divine change and shift began to take place in my life. I lived, and breath purpose and was driven to find the keys to living a life that would bring me fulfillment. I intentionally surrounded myself with those who were living their dreams.

What initially started with my pain began to grow something bigger in me. The amount of interest I gained in the topic of purpose leads me to find the answers to the reason why I originally started this journey and the very reason you too are exploring the answers to the question “what is my purpose?”

On this journey to discover my purpose I learned many valuable lessons and insights that have brought me a significant about of fulfillment. And the fact is that there are many people who still don’t know their purpose or the meaning of their life. It’s my hope that others will too get the chance to discover the very thing they were designed for. And the best tool to get you there is your pain. What is it that pains you?

Deadend jobs

Working jobs that I didn’t like also lead me to experience feelings of pain so deep that it could not be explained in its entirety but better expressed as an overwhelming feeling of unhappiness. Purpose queen all you have is now, don’t allow your life to past before you understand the very reason you were put here in the first place. You are here to reach your full potential, not a piece, portion or apart. Trust the process.

 Empathy for my co-workers:

Watching the people, I worked with reminded me that I was not the only hard worker trying to make meets end for a greater cause but it was many others. On this adventure to discovering my purpose, I began to take an interest and notice the efforts of others whom I worked alongside. Some of which worked just as hard as me if not harder.  

Pain and passion led me through what looked like a treasure hunt but was packed with some of the best experiences and most importantly I gained a love for people. On this journey is where I began to take notice of the lives of those I worked with. As I talked with my co-workers, I began hearing their stories which unleashed a desire in me to help others also be free from the hard labor and the pain of working at places they too hate.

Before I leave, know that you were created for more…

As a child, I wished I had someone to tell me that I was created for a particular purpose but back then no one ever talked about work or life from the perspective of “purpose.” Looking back if I could talk to my younger self, I would tell her “You were created for more, find what it is that you love and strive to maximize your potential and you will run into the reason for your life.” Purpose queen, today those words are for you too. Now surround yourself around those who will help you to believe it.

Talents And Gifts

 The reality is we were all put here with talent and gifts. This is why we see many people who are happy with the work they do. Our jobs are to prepare us for a life of purpose, to gain skills while discovering and exercising our talents and gifts. 

It is vital to be intentional in first to know ourselves while learning of our unique talents and gifts. Many people take up careers and understand that jobs are also a resource to not just help us to gain skills but aid us in the process of identifying our talents, gifts, strengths, and weaknesses to make a wise career choice that is in alignment with these essential factors. 

When I discovered that everything in my life fit the puzzle to my purpose in one way or another it was more than I could wrap my mind around at that time. It amazes me how many people are still doing the work they are not happy doing yet never makes a decision to strive to search for better. 

One Last thing…

So many people are committed to a life they hate over pursuing the one they truly want and desire. I believe that people are more content working by a system that provides them with the next steps instead of making their system based on their hopes and dreams to experience a fulfilling life while showing others that they too can go after their dreams and pursue a life of happiness.

It’s my purpose to provide others who are searching for the life they desire with key tools that can help aid them in the journey and process to discover what they were created to do. I believe that life and work are not meant to feel like painful or hard labor but one of joy and fulfillment. And when we find what we are supposed to be doing in life, although it won’t come easy and will be work it won’t feel like it. We find the keys to purpose when we first choose to abandon our comfort zone, be optimistic and more, be bold enough not to look back!