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The importance of controlling our happiness is one we often overlook and even neglect until we are left with the results of not maintaining it. While we can be happy when we do exciting things what about those things that pop up in our everyday lives that come to snatch away our peace?

One thought…

Mood Killers

So you’re enjoying your day and things are going great. Then boom! There is the first bowling ball rolling your way to knock you down. And these balls come in all sorts of forms. They typically come when you least expect them. And while we can’t dodge them all there are certainly ways we can limit the things we allow to affect us and our mood. It seems these balls come to knock down every happy fiber of our being.

I remember some months back being knocked with a few of these mood destroyers. I see them as weapons that come to take away your joy and leave you high and dry sucking up any room for positive energy. Ever been in a great mood and then see one of those mood destroyers coming towards you? Think about it for a moment. 

Another thing before ending our purpose chat…

Purpose Queen, You Have Destiny Waiting On You

Women of destiny are busy trying to make their dreams happen. We don’t have time for these distractions to get us off course. Maybe for you, the ball is in the form of a negative conversation. It could also come from the person at the grocery store that has a cart full of groceries who cuts in front of you or maybe in the form as a miserable coworker. Whatever the case may be, we all have experienced these bowling balls that have come to knock us off our happy feet. But if we prepare for these situations and are able to identify them we can better apply solutions as soon as these mood killers come. You deserve to enjoy the fullness of your joy, not a drip or a trickle. I know I want a full stream.

Let’s wrap up with the three…

3 Ways To Guard Your Joy

Let me just add, in the process and times past of being intentional in controlling my happiness, in those moments I so want to say “not today devil” but we just can’t give him all the credit! Instead, let’s use these challenges as learning opportunities to develop our life in such a way that will lead us to not just experience happiness but to be able to actually keep it once we are in that happy place.


Positive in and negative out. I speak a lot about this in my new book that I am currently writing. I talk about monitoring what we allow in and what we should allow out. And the same goes for our happiness. We should guard what we hear, see and be careful of how we respond to certain conversations. 

Every seed we allow to be sewn into our lives rather good or bad if we don’t have a positive solution to combat these attacks or find ways of controlling our happiness we are being robbed of the peace we deserve. And whatever we don’t stop from entering our place of peace has the potential to reap a harvest. Let’s be honest, when having negativity ever bought good lasting satisfaction? Let’s keep in mind the positive in and negative out method and take in the positivity that will benefit us and throw out the negatives.

Quote by Dr Suess- “Be who you are and say what you feel. Because the ones who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”


Keep positive people around you. If you are making changes to be the best version of yourself you should be proud of that adjustment. You are responsible for your own happiness and if you keep negativity around you, it could cost you your peace. Many will experience happiness but those surrounded by negative voices most likely won’t keep it. When you are striving for happiness sometimes it requires us to cut away those things, not in alignment with our boundaries or the betterment of our growth.


Pray. Have you ever heard the saying “prayer changes things?” Well as a Christian, I find that praying makes a huge difference and always has for me. When we are in alignment with our spirituality it can definitely set the tone for our day. I find that when I do, I am more focused and better able to handle the things that have come to challenge me throughout the day because I have armored up. Our spiritual life plays a huge role in our journey and helps gives us perspective when we are consistent in our routine. 

One last thing

I love praying in the mornings and being able to feed my spiritual man is a delight. God is always here for us and looking to share insight which gives us clarity on what we should be doing or not doing. Praying throughout the day keeps me in balance with all the curve balls life tends to throw. Lastly, believe that time with God is time well spent.