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meet radrita



Hello Purpose Queens,

My name is Radrita and i am the mother of two kids. I grew up the youngest of 4. I was raise in a small country town in Belleview, Florida. Guess that makes me a country girl:)

I remember when i was a little girl around 4 i would dream of having a life that at the time my current one didn’t nearly reflect. The funny thing is i can still remember wishing on stars hoping those wishes would one day come true. Now i  realize the power was never in the star… but It was in me the whole time!

Like you..

Like you i too felt the harsh feeling we tend to experience when we don’t know the meaning or purpose for our lives. I too have faced many challenges. I am simply a person who beat the odds and here to say so can YOU.

My Purpose

Now, It’s my passion and purpose to help women just like you live a life of happiness, financial freedom and passion through finding their purpose.  









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